3d Printers To Be Outer Space Ship Mechanics

It was 1970 when the Apollo 13 broke down and astronauts needed to sweat it out as secret agent Angus MacGyver to survive and return to earth. Its intended landing on the moon was aborted because the tank that supplied oxygen to its Service Module was exploded. The space crew needed to put together a carbon dioxide filter holder, a plastic bag, a manual cover and a duct tape to survive. more »

How Rugs Helps in Keeping the House Clean

Decorating home is one of the basic tasks to do today. Home offers plenty of space, peace of mind and solace when a person is tired after the entire day. Home must be updated with bright and welcoming colors with necessary furniture and products as space. Cluttering the place too much with heavy furniture and goods may affect the functionality of the place. It may even restrict people from moving freely. Therefore, Rugs are perfect and reasonable element to add to the home. It brings life, colors, beauty, grace and style to the place. There are traditional and contemporary rugs available today at various stores. more »

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Five Reasons to Consider Fostering a Child

Fostering a child is a very serious and challenging commitment, but can provide enormous rewards. Foster carers come from all walks of life, cultures and religions and can be married or single. more »

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Tips for Hosting a Larger Conference

Most businesses and organisations will have some engagement with conferences. Sometimes, these conferences might be relatively small, perhaps small enough to fit in a board-room or modest lecture theatre. Often, however, the conference will be much larger, attended by professionals from all around the country. more »

Making A Holiday Of The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most amazing sights on planet Earth, possibly the most wondrous phenomenon that our planet experiences. To watch charged particles from the sun dance around in the upper atmosphere as they interact with the Earth’s magnetic field really puts our being in a galactic context. more »