There’s no denying the value of education. Education, as well as leading usually into a career, also equips children with the intellectual weaponry to take on the adult world. Education outside of the classroom, e.g. private tuition, too can be extremely valuable, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


Whilst learning in the classroom environment works for many children for many others it is not suitable. These children can experience a disconnect and fall behind their classmates. Outside tutoring can help manage this shortfall and give students that little extra help they need to improve test scores. With outside help kids can gain more confidence and begin to perform better at school.

Tutoring undertaken outside of normal classroom hours, either after school, on weekends or during holiday time, and doesn’t need to disrupt the most valuable teaching time, i.e. that spent in the classroom. Instead, private tuition can make small improvements which mean a big difference to exam scores.


There may be some disadvantages to either over-reliance on tutoring or low quality tutoring. For example, a student may become reliant on this outside help and so when it’s taken away may be back to square one with their studies.  Some lower quality tutors might veer too far away from the curriculum or might teach bad habits that actually make a student less prepared for exam time.

You can avoid many of these potential disadvantages by choosing a high quality, experienced tutor and thinking carefully about when you want tutoring to take place, e.g. during holiday time when it can be easily managed.