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Making A Holiday Of The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most amazing sights on planet Earth, possibly the most wondrous phenomenon that our planet experiences. To watch charged particles from the sun dance around in the upper atmosphere as they interact with the Earth’s magnetic field really puts our being in a galactic context. more »

Revealing HPI Checks Before Purchase

There are very immediate and necessary checks to be made when buying a used car to ensure that it doesn’t have history which could jeopardize the vehicle or even the owner’s life. A HPI Check is one such way of ensuring that a vehicle doesn’t have issues with previous damage, outstanding finance or has been stolen before. more »

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Planning some winter sun?

Stuck in the midst of the January blues? You’re not alone. This time of year is cold, dark and miserable, and after being blasted with wintry weather over the last few weeks everyone’s counting down the days until spring comes around. more »