If you spent last Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve trying to keep your beloved pets calm while fireworks explode incessantly outside, you may be interested to hear about an audio book that has recently been released by an insurance company claiming to help dogs through those troublesome firework occasions.

‘Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale’, written by Laura Quinn and read by esteemed actor Simon Callow, is the first ever audiobook especially for dogs and guaranteed to relax them through any situation. Developed with pet behaviourists, the story revolves around oversized dog Stanley, who befriends a little puppy called Ted. More Than, the insurance company who released the audiobook for free, say that the story uses “a number of proven animal psychology techniques, communicative signals, bioacoustics and years of scientific research into dog behaviour to capture a canine’s attention and help it relax when in a state of stress”.

According to More Than, you should play the audiobook to your dog over and over before the fireworks event in order to get them familiar to the sounds, the idea being that they’ll be so relaxed that they’ll simply sleep through when the event rolls around. They suggest playing it while they are eating their favourite pet foods or relaxing for a nap.

If you’re thinking that this might be a bit of a barking idea, you could well be right. The insurance giant do also suggest that simply giving your pet a cuddle might also be just as effective.