When it comes to product delivery, letting customers down is a shortcut to failure. Yet, surprisingly, that is what many businesses end up doing. This is often the case around the hectic Christmas and New Year period. Even firms which are used to delivering products promptly sometimes fail at busy times. Most firms know when their busy times will be, and can plan ahead. However, it’s impossible to predict demand correctly every time.

In a tough economic climate, firms cannot fail to take full advantage of good trading opportunities like Christmas. Businesses have to be agile when it comes to order fulfillment  They do not want to waste money on staff who aren’t needed but are, at the same time, scared of being short in case demand rises unexpectedly. Finding a good balance can be difficult, or even impossible. There is, however, a simple answer. Using a third party fulfillment service can keep the stress of the festive period at a minimum while keeping customers happy.

How Third Party Fulfillment Works

The third party fulfillment provider operates a large warehouse. It then allows firms to have their products delivered to its warehouse.When an order comes in, it is picked, packed and delivered to the customer by the third party fulfillment provider. Firms only pay for storage of their products and for each delivery and nothing more.

Third party fulfillment is easy to set up and relatively inexpensive. There is no money wasted on unused warehouse space, equipment or staff. Yet any unexpected increases in demand can still be met comfortably.