For any firm, fulfilling a customer’s order efficiently is vital to the success of their business. A customer who receives their product quickly is more likely to return and buy further products. More importantly, they will tell others about the good service they have received; and there are few promotional methods more effective than word of mouth. However, in this age of internet reviewing, it’s all too easy to write a bad review.

A firm which attempts to manage the delivery service itself will find the process very time consuming and expensive; renting and staffing a warehouse costs a lot of money. These are costs which, unfortunately, have to be passed on to the customer.

Using Fulfilment Services

For these reasons, an increasing number of firms are turning to third-party companies to deliver products on their behalf. These specialist firms run their own warehouses. They can store products for firms at extremely low rates. When customers order something, it is the third-party distribution firm which picks, packs and sends the product to the customer.

Many of these firms operate around the clock and throughout the year. This means orders can be fulfilled quickly. Also, because many of these third-party order fulfilment firms operate on such a large scale, they’re often able to benefit from much cheaper postage and packaging rates, allowing for cheaper deliveries. This allows the original company to price their products more competitively, which, of course, helps them to secure more sales.