When baking cakes from home, there are several options when deciding what type of bake ware should be used. Some of the main options for cake molds are generally metal or silicone and both have their pros and cons.
A metal cake mold has many benefits and is often considered the more traditional choice of bake ware. Many of the metals used for cake molds such as stainless steel are heat resistant and extremely durable. These types of molds can be a long-term investment and can often last for years. Most cake tins made from this material are scratch resistant and do not rust even after constant washing. Stainless steel tins also rarely warp and break so can retain the shape of a baked item well.

Silicone cake molds also have several advantages. They generally do not require greasing prior to the cake mixture being poured in. These cake molds are also very flexible and can be bent and stretched without damage being inflicted on them. There is little danger of these silicone cake molds being damaged if dropped. Because silicone has qualities which prevent cake mixture from sticking, the molds can be as detailed as possible with plenty of nooks and crannies. This is useful when making extravagant cakes, especially for children. Another advantage of silicone cake molds is that they are very transportable and can be taken from one venue to another without fear of damage. Other bake ware options can also include glass or ceramic.