Target markets are just as important for property sales as any other sales product. Houses for sale in Sheffield will attract a vastly different kind of browser to London property.When dressing properties for sale, the first step should therefore be market research. Many owners concentrate on the wrong thing when decorating their house before a sale. They focus on tidying up, rather than addressing a particular buyer. Cosmetic touches like a new coat of paint are all very well, but if the color is the wrong one, it can put off potential buyers and keep the selling price low.

Decoration largely depends on the types of buyers being targeted. Investors are likely to concentrate on the basics of the property, so minimal furniture with lots of space is advised. Families, on the other hand, may be put off by such sterile tactics. It’s important to assess the market and identify which group is likely to provide the most interested buyer.

There Are Some General Rules To Follow:

1. A house that is full of personal touches might be too personalised for the average buyer. Family photos, ornaments and general personal clutter prevent the buyer from envisioning the house as their own

2. Introducing more light into a home by painting walls in a neutral colour and cleaning thoroughly can sometimes do as much as any renovation. Heavy drapes and dark colours can make a house feel stifled

3. Small touches do well. Re-grouting tiles can make a bathroom seem brand new. Faded colours and yellowing whites age a house and can bring the price down