Providing employees with adequate provisions to carry out their respective duties is of paramount importance to any company across the United Kingdom who takes the productivity levels and safety of their staff seriously. Companies are tied to a Government-led legal obligation to enforce health and safety policies, where applicable and humanly possible, to preserve the safety and well being of all employees. This should include issuing employees with the correct clothing and equipment to carry out their job role in an efficient, productive and safe manner.

Although potential hazards and risks are a common feature within any walk of life, the workplace is arguably the most dangerous environment to be in. From slip and trips to electrical fires and floods, working in any respective industry provides its own form of dangers that are either prevented through risk assessment and competent actions, or can happen at any given moment without prior warning.

The daily use of heavy machinery and sharp equipment provide their own unique hazards that require considerable care and attention from both employer and employee. The element of danger is particularly emphasised by those whose line of work involves working at elevated heights as the element of safety gained from operating at ground floor is removed. Commercial window cleaners are a perfect illustration of workers who must undergo working at height training to be qualified and understand the dangers associated with their job.

While ladders remain a commonly used form of equipment to clean windows, commercial companies utilise abseiling techniques to effectively scale tall office buildings. It is therefore essential for any cleaning company to source fall protection equipment that meets strict industry standards through its durability, strength and suitability to hold a window cleaner in a rigid position. Acquiring harnesses and safety fittings that are either damaged or unsuitable can place employees’ safety and lives at severe risks when working at elevated heights.