Most businesses and organisations will have some engagement with conferences. Sometimes, these conferences might be relatively small, perhaps small enough to fit in a board-room or modest lecture theatre. Often, however, the conference will be much larger, attended by professionals from all around the country.

Obviously, when you’re running a conference on a larger scale there are pertinent things that need to be considered. For example:

Size matters. It’s obviously very important that your venue is large enough to accommodate all attendees. Thankfully, there are many large scale venues around the UK, such as larger conference centres in Manchester.

Another important issue is access. When there are more people visiting a site for a conference then naturally you’ll want to ensure that they are all able to make the conference venue without hassle. You might, then, consider a city centre location. Opt to host the venue in a larger city, such as Manchester or in London.

When there are hundreds of attendees then the prescription of amenities, services and catering becomes a little more challenging. In order to ascertain whether the venue is able to bear this responsibility you should speak to them in advance, ask for specific examples and their experience with managing larger conferences.

A final point is technology; does the conference centre have enough functionality to accommodate a larger audience and a professionally delivered conference? Check this in advance.