Marketing is everywhere nowadays and this is perhaps the greatest testament to its success. Many laypeople have a lack of understanding as to how much of it works, however, reasoning that they aren’t swayed or brainwashed by it.

But this isn’t the point – the point for many businesses is to get their brand and logo out there, to have it become recognizable and associated with particular products and values. This gradual saturation approach is why direct mailing services exist in the first place. Even despite many households taking a glance at marketing mail and then putting it in the bin, they may recognize the logo. In that moment, a lot can happen with the potential customer having their attention momentarily caught by a service or a particular phrase. Given that this is the manner in which most advertising mail will be consumed by the householder, the design should follow suit.

This comes back to the mailing house, who must then be able to represent the designs that make the impact. Bright, bold colors are vibrant and more likely to attract attention. Even if a minuscule percentage desire some services from the company in question, the majority will glance over the mail, particularly if it has been delivered with other important documents such as personal letters and bank statements. Digital presses are able to reproduce thousands of pieces of mail, so it is vital that the printing options are present on their websites when looking. Complex designs can also require the intervention of software such as Adobe’s In Design.