Compatibility is perhaps the most fundamental part of direct mail services, especially for those clients working from remote to send their designs to a printer. Being able to accept a multitude of different formats really opens up much of the industry to a specific printer. This includes offering FTP and download interfaces, as well as physical data sources like disks, tape, cartridges, USB sticks etc. Direct mailing is obviously going to target customers, so it is important that the system which eventually takes this data is PAF compliant and able to pull up postcodes of all houses to receive the mail. Verifying whether those addresses are correct and actually exist is an integral part of this system and it could save the sender and the printer a packet.

Using the Royal Mail’s automated Mail sort 5 digit address keys will also lead to different types of service levels when delivering as well as pertaining to different postal districts. This can allow a sender to automatically target a specific region and perhaps increase the awareness of the brand and the company or shop. Of course, along with this should be personalization towards the customer, and those with proper salutations, full names and titles will stand more chance of being opened, rather than just being put in the recycling bin. All of this is industry standard stuff that really should be catered for by the mailing company. It will give the letter a more professional look which will only bode well for the company in question.