Nowadays, when companies consider their marketing options, much of the focus is put on social media and search engine optimization. But, even though there is a huge number of marketing routes available to companies, the more traditional options are often the most effective. Well-planned and highly-targeted direct mail campaigns can be extremely useful for certain types of businesses. There are many reasons why direct mailing is still relevant:

Direct Mail Can Generate Web Traffic

There’s no use investing a lot of time and money into a website if no one knows it exists. A good direct mail campaign can push people towards a website, helping to generate sales for a company. A direct mail letter can be used to direct visitors to a special landing page that will offer them something of value. This can then be used to encourage visitors to sign up for an email newsletter or other relevant offers.

Direct Mail Can Target People Who Aren’t Online

Even though the Internet is highly prevalent, there are still many people who don’t have access to the web or don’t trust making purchases online. Direct mail services offer a considerably less invasive marketing method. It gives the customer the option to contact a company when they want to via a method that best suits them.

Direct Mail Can Encourage People to Visit a Retail Shop

By including a special offer or discount voucher with a direct mail package, it could encourage customers to visit a retail shop. Mail campaigns can be targeted towards people who live within walking distance of the shop.