The thing about technology is that today’s cutting edge devices are destined to be yesterday’s news. This means that there is a lot of outmoded tech laying around. Of course it’s by no means useless tech just no longer in fashion and therefore less desirable. What, then, should you do with your old technology? When we’re talking about laptops there are a couple of options. You could attempt to dispose of the device, sell the device or trade the device in for something newer, an upgrade in other words.

Disposing of devices like laptops is never a good idea, and the component parts in devices can be bad for the environment. Selling the device can be a logistical nightmare. Trading in the devices can be a good idea, as long as you’re looking for a replacement laptop.

What about your data with trade in laptop companies? It’s an understandable concern and data is more vulnerable than it’s ever been. Thankfully, trade in laptop UK companies will remove data completely. This means you should back up your data if you think you’ll need it.

These trade in companies will usually also offer cash rewards for handing in laptops, even if your laptop is slightly older. The amount of cash you receive will obviously depend on the condition and model of the device.