In case if you are preparing for a bariatric surgery, a physical evaluation is necessary. It would help to figure out whether the body is ready for the surgery. Here the physical requirements are not only the precise pointer. The emotional wellbeing of your health is as important as being part of the surgery. The bariatric surgery cost in India happens to be the lowest in the world. In order to achieve a healthy weight there are a lot of steps that can be taken.

Be real in your expectations

After this surgery you will not become thin all of a sudden. Once you leave the hospital you may have more weight because of the fluid. Just be aware of the fact that surgery is not the answer for any immediate weight loss. It is an alternative tool in the form of a small stomach. It will assist you in the path of your weight loss procedure. Just expect around 6 months to shed those extra kilos. At a different level it may take you close to a year in order to achieve your fitness goal. If you have a clear idea of the process you will not give up in any way.

Do not commit the mistake of going alone

Do not end up commit the mistake of going all alone. At this juncture when you need a surgery some form of emotional support is called for. Do take the help of one of your friends to help you in setting long term goals. All this will help you to be motivated. The whole idea of the surgery would send shivers down the spine of some people. It would be better on your part to start with baby steps. Instead of doing all the things at your own end, look for support and approach the process in a slow manner.

In this regard you can take part in online discussions. If possible go on to learn from people who have achieved this in the days gone by.

Understand the fact that there is bound to be food addiction

If you feel that there is a food addiction you would need to address it before the surgery takes place. If you have a small stomach it is not going to be ok with your emotional needs after consumption of food.

In case of some people food works out to be an option in order to combat stress. But this does appear to be a short term solution to your problem. If you are aware of this, this will help you to limit the consumption of certain types of foods. In this regard one can go on to make healthy food choices as well.

Ideally you should place yourself at a point where you really feel the desire to change. It should happen within you and no one else is responsible here. Rather than the next meal you would need to think on the long term effects.