One handbag trend that’s being talked about by fashion is as everywhere when it comes to models for this autumn and winter season is that big bags have become very popular once more.

So if you were previously starting to think that the era of over-sized handbags was coming to an end, think again – it is back with a vengeance! And you might want to start training those shoulder muscles in preparation …

Yes, the days of the tiny designer clutch in which you could scarcely fit your keys and mobile phone seem numbered, or at least until next year! This season, it’s all about going super-sized.

Rather than worrying about not being able to fit in all your belongings, start to worry about packing too much – since some of the latest designs have enough room to fit in everything you’d need for a Bridget Jones-style min-break.

Try not to fill your bag with more than you can comfortably carry around with you. And learn how to come a neat and efficient packer so you know where everything is.

Looking ahead to next summer, it seems that the bucket bag will be in line for a comeback, in numerous incarnations including smooth and braided leather, fabric and straw. Tote bags will stay very large and they’ll also be increasingly elaborate.

If your ideal bag is roomy, functional and practical, you’ll be bang on trend in summer 2013! Start your search for the perfect accessories online for the best selection and prices.