Eating healthily and washing on a regular basis are key components within ensuring people retain the element of cleanliness and overall health that protects against potential diseases or adverse effects to their body. Taking the right precautions and maintaining personal hygiene can allow people to enjoy a quality of life they desire, whilst also being able to carry out normal day-to-day activities and cognitive functions.

Over a period of time, people may encounter allergies within products such as food, washing powders and shower gels that may cause an adverse reaction on the skin or body. This can lead to considerable pain and discomfort as, particularly in the case of skin rashes, people may be unable to prevent themselves from aggravating the condition through scratching.

Although allergic reactions and skin conditions are more commonly associated with human, there are animals who can also suffer from allergies which cause them particular distress and unrest. Cats and dogs can both have a reaction to a single or multiple numbers of foods or ingredients that they are over-sensitive to. This creates a variable sized red rash upon the skin which can be made more visible and prominent through scratching.

Continuous scratching can be an instant sign that a cat or dog has had an allergic reaction which has affected their condition. While septic creams may not be applicable to be used on a pet, cat and dog owners can source a specialist type of nutrition that is scientifically tested and approved by vets to effectively manage skin conditions and adverse food reactions.

Specialist vetinary companies provide a range of dermatology products in wet and dry, which can help to address the problems caused by a pet’s skin condition and prevent further reactions in the future. This can ensure that pets are given the best treatment possible to effectively combat any allergies and subsequent rashes, thus allowing a cat and dog to enjoy a quality of life.