A recent survey has found that women get most satisfaction from purchasing handbags, over high-heeled shoes, dresses or jewelery. One in four of the women surveyed said they would rather invest in stylish designer handbags than a pair of dressy shoes.

The survey, commissioned by shopping website saveme4later.com, asked 2000 women which products they got most satisfaction from buying. Along with handbags, the survey found that women also enjoyed shopping for concert tickets, well-fitting jeans and chocolate. Beauty products were also a favorite for women, with three quarters of them saying that they couldn’t wait to try out new purchases.

The survey also found that women are less likely to ‘splash the cash’ nowadays. Rather than making numerous impulse purchases, women now prefer to invest in a few high quality pieces that will last for a number of years. 81% of women also said that they are more careful with their money now as they were 5 years ago. As a result of this, they are more likely to feel a deep sense of satisfaction when they purchase a stunning designer handbag that will take them from season to season.

Handbags have long been a favorite for UK women, so it’s no surprise that they came out on top of this survey. As well as being practical, handbags should be stylish and need to go with every outfit in a women’s wardrobe. This means that finding the perfect shoulder bags, totes or clutches is sure to satisfy.