Through life we forge friendships that can last a lifetime, but to a large extent this is luck of the draw. While keeping these friends is all important, there is no rule stating that a person can’t make new friends who perhaps have more in common.

Wanting to meet new people who share interests and insights could really be one of the best ways to gain a new lease of life. It could lead to social events that are truly fulfilling and rewarding, giving not only an outlet for a niche interest, for example, but also new interpretations and solidarity which can really begin to add more to life.

There is more pressure on our free time than ever before, with every capable person required to work and tend the responsibilities of life. Even a moderately stressful job can make buying food and tending to the future things that take up all of the spare time. Socialising sites can allow people to make connections on the move and not be tied down to one area. Finding people who have similar interests quickly can increase the chances that people are going to find something worthwhile in each other. And this is when time seems to become more elasticated, since time is found to socialise and have fun. Positive repercussions will be felt in every corner of existence, from having more energy and bounce to being a generally happier and more fulfilled person. With thousands of people with the same desires, it makes sense to look online.